Tiny Toy Cars & Miniwheels terms and conditions of use

1 General

1.1 These General Conditions are applicable to offers, orders and agreements from Tiny Toy Cars (TTC) and Miniwheels. By the completion of an agreement between the customer and Tiny Toy Cars according to the procedure as described in these General Conditions, the customer accepts these conditions.

1.2 Deviations from these General Conditions are only valid if these are agreed upon in writing with TTC and Miniwheels.

1.3 TTC and Miniwheels has the right to alter the contents of these General Conditions and the website.

2 Offers and agreements

2.1 All offers done on the website of TTC and Miniwheels remain free, even if they contain a term of agreement. TTC and Miniwheels has the right to withdraw offers. All offers are based on availability. Price changes are reserved.

2.2 An agreement between TTC and Miniwheels and the customer is achieved after the customer has created an order via the webshop, by completing the module Checkout, the customer pressing the button [Confirm Order] on the website of TTC and Miniwheels after which the customer receives a confirmation of the order (order confirmation).

2.3 The administration of TTC and Miniwheels is proof of orders and completed payments sent in by the customer and completed deliveries by TTC and Miniwheels. TTC and Miniwheels acknowledges that electronic communication can serve as proof. By accepting these General conditions the customer also acknowledges this.

3 Prices/tariffs and payment

3.1 All prices for the offered products are in EURO`s and include tax (VAT).

3.2 All invoices must be paid by the customer, without discount or compensation, within fourteen (14) days after the invoice date, except when other agreements are made in writing.

3.3 If the customer does not observe the agreement regarding payment, TTC and Miniwheels is entitled to dissolve the agreement or to delay her obligation, and also entitled to withdraw future orders from the customer without notice.

4 Delivery/shipment terms

4.1 TTC and Miniwheels delivers globally.

4.2 Orders are shipped normally within three (3) working days after the payment has been received on the account of TTC and Miniwheels. This time period is a directive and not as a fixed period. In all cases a reasonable shipping time is respected and if the period mentioned would be exceeded, TTC and Miniwheels will inform the customer about this.

4.3 TTC and Miniwheels has the right to split shipments into part shipments if this required by the size of the order.

5 Force Majeure and/or special circumstances.

5.1 TTC and Miniwheels is not obliged to follow any obligation regarding the customer if she is prevented from this forced by a circumstance or power that is not her fault, nor by law or any circumstances that are out of control of TTC and Miniwheels.

5.2 Circumstances regarding article 5.1 are, among others, a business malfunction, an energy or material delivery malfunction, transport delay, strike and non-or late delivery by suppliers.

6 Risk

6.1 The risk during transport of the products ordered by the client is for the client. The client can request an (additional) insurance for the shipping of the goods, if requested. The costs will be charged upon the client.

7 Orders/communication

7.1 TTC and Miniwheels is not responsible for misunderstandings, damage, delay or orders not clearly communicated as a result of the use of internet or any other means of communication between the customer and TTC and Miniwheels, or between TTC and Miniwheels and third parties, as far as these concern the relation between the customer and TTC and Miniwheels.

8 Warranties

8.1 On some of the products sold by TTC and Miniwheels a warranty applies. This warranty is backed by the manufacturer of the product.

9 Complaints

9.1 All complaints regarding delivery, quality and quality of the product or any other complaint will be seriously considered by TTC and Miniwheels.

9.2 The customer must send the complaint via our contact-form on this site.

9.3 TTC and Miniwheels will try to solve the complaint within ten (10) working days. TTC and Miniwheels will inform the customer about the solution via letter or email.

10 Suitable law and dispute settlement

10.1 On all offers, orders and agreements from TTC and Miniwheels, the Dutch law is applicable.